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How to Have A Kids Arts and Crafts Birthday Party

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Children's Arts and Craft Birthday Party Ideas

I will show you how to throw a child's birthday party while saving money and time. 

We want our children to have memorable and fun birthday parties but sometimes we have no choice but to do it on a budget. Shopping on line will also save you time. You can actually have your ordered shipped and ready for you at your local dollar tree store. And if you ship it to the store, shipping is FREE!
One great idea is to throw your child an Arts & Crafts birthday party. This type of party is great for both boys and girls, you can customize the crafts to gender. This will also keep the children busy and active rather than lets say just inviting a bunch of kids over to play. 

Dollar Tree has thousands of products perfect for an Arts & Crafts party.

Here is one example: We will do a girls birthday party with 8 kids. Lets calculate the costs.


 Each kit comes with a reusable plastic peg board, beads,
 ironing paper, and instructions — just arrange the beads on
 the peg board, iron, and enjoy your finished bead designs.
 Case includes 12 Creative Kids™ beads designer craft kits
 assorted among heart, butterfly, pet, and flower designs.
 Ages 6+.

 The minimum order for this product is 12 pieces so that is 

$12.00 for the crafts.

Decorations, Paper Goods and Goodie Bags:

13" Paper Napkins, 20 ct.
9-oz. Paper Party Cups, 12 ct.
Pink Plastic Utensils, 48 ct.
Plastic Table Cover, 54x96"
12" Fountain Centerpiece
Hanging Swirl Decorations, 3-ct.
7-ft. "Happy Birthday" Letter Banner
Invitations, 8 ct.
Princess Tiaras, 8 ct
Purse-Shaped Favor Boxes, 8 ct.
Cello Goodie Bags, 25 ct.
Princess Party Game
Princess Ribbon Button

This set costs $14.00.


Minute Maid Kids+ Minis Apple Juice Boxes, 4-ct. Packs

We will stick to a healthy drink, soda is cheaper but apple juice is much healthier. It will cost you $11.00 for 44 juice boxes. The minimum on this product which is one case containing 11 packs of 4.

$11.00 for drinks, plus you will have leftovers!


We are left with chips, snacks and candy or treats for the goodie bags. Instead of buying chips and snacks in bulk your best bet it to find coupons which you can print for free and check out the local sales in your grocery store. Using coupons with buy one get one free products can save you lots of money!

If you use coupons I would say that you will spend at the most $10.00 for snacks. We will over estimate it. You can click on the coupon printer at the end of the post to find coupons.


You can pick up a nice cake at Walmart that will feed at least 10 kids.

So lets calculate the final cost of this birthday party.

$12.00 for crafts
$14.00 for decorations, paper goods, party bags etc..
$11.00 for drinks
$10.00 for snacks and little favors for bags (bags included in decoration pack).
$15.00 for a cake.

Total for a fully equipped girls Arts & Crafts Birthday Party:
$62 Bucks! Lets add tax and round up. $70.00. WOW. Less than a hundred dollars and your child will have a happy and fun birthday party!

I would say that is a pretty good deal. 

Let me know if you have any more ideas to share!


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