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Watch TV shows and Movies online. Try Netflix Free.


I am not a big TV watcher anymore. I use to watch a lot of TV shows, not too much movie wise, but the other day I was home and just felt like watching a movie. I really did not want to go out and I remembered Netflix. I decided to go onto their site to see how much it was. I did remember seeing advertisements online for a free month so I thought I would look into it. 

So I did it. I signed up for the free month trial. I was extremely happy when I logged onto the site. There are so many TV shows old and new to choose from. Movies galore and all the kid programming you could want. I was very impressed. My daughter gets to watch Hannah Montanna shows and has started from season one. They no longer play them on TV so she was very excited. There were many movies that she has never seen before that she wanted to watch so she is a happy camper as well.

I can watch from virtually anywhere in my house. On my laptop, on the TV from the Wii, on my desktop computer, it does not matter. So where ever I feel like being I can watch what I want.

I definitely think that it is worth it. I am going to keep it when the trial is over. It is only $7.99 per month. I mean you buy a DVD for more than that. And after you watch a DVD the odds of watching it again are usually slim. This is a great way to save money. 

Netflix has made me a TV watcher again! It does not hurt to try. And if you do not like it you can easily cancel online.

!Instantly watch from thousands of TV episodes & movies streaming from Netflix. Try Netflix for FREE!

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